I have a section in my cookbook called; IT’S PETISCOS NOT TAPAS!
Whenever I here people say “Portuguese Tapas” I cringe because there is no such thing as tapas in Portugal.
We cal them “Petiscos”. Here are some of my favorite petiscos but you can find hundreds more. I’ll be sharing more of these delicous recipes in the months to come and in my 3rd cookbook!
I would rather eat a combination these beautiful bites than a 5 course meal anytime.
You can find most of these recipes or how to cook them on this blog or, in my 2 cookbooks;
Go to the home page to order, or click on this link to order on AMAZON
Taste Portugal 101 easy Portuguese recipes and Taste Portugal More Easy Portuguese Recipes
My favorite “Petisco” are Rissois de Camarao

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