Gaspar’s – Portuguese Sausage Since 1923


Gaspar’s……”The Portuguese Sausage that the whole world can enjoy!”

“You don’t have to be Portuguese to love Linguica and Chourico”

When Manuel A. Gaspar emigrated from Portugal to the United States in 1912, he brought with him a desire for a better way of life, as well as his skill and recipes for making those traditional Portuguese smoked sausages (Linguica and Chourico).

Little did he realize then, that four generations later, the Gaspar family would still be making those delicious sausages according to his original recipe and standards of quality.


For nearly a century Gaspar’s Sausage Co., Inc. located in North Dartmouth, MA. has been recognized as the largest manufacturer of Portuguese smoked sausage in the United States. It has become the largest manufacturer of Portuguese sausage in the country, producing well over three million pounds each year.

Located in Southeastern Massachusetts, the name Gaspar has become synonymous with sausage.

Today, this family owned business continues in the same tradition of its patriarch by producing their Linguica and Chourico according to this time-tested recipe.

Gaspar’s Linguica and Chourico are readily available at all major supermarket chains throughout New England and can also be found in parts of New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida and Bermuda.


Today, all of Gaspar’s products can be enjoyed anywhere in the United States through the company’s mail order/Internet division.

So, whether you’re originally from New England or simply someone whose taste buds enjoy the unusual, call Gaspar’s at 1800-542-2038 and indulge yourself or someone special with a truly delectable experience. You’ll be glad you did!!

Be sure to visit Gaspars’ website where you’ll find some of their favorite recipes and other products such as Portuguese Sweet Bread and Portuguese Muffins!

Order products online at

LINGUICA: Similar to kielbasa but with its own unique flavor, Linguica (pronounced lin-gwee-sah) is a mild pork sausage still manufactured according to an old Portuguese recipe. It is a fine blend of lean pork with a mixture of such basic spices as vinegar, salt, paprika and garlic. Stuffed into a natural casing, Linguicais then smoked until the special flavor and federally required temperatures are reached. Gaspar’s Linguica comes in many shapes and sizes. The Linguica franks and patties are great on the grill, and the Bite Size cocktail franks make a great appetizer. It even comes ground which makes a great pizza topping!
CHOURICO: Made from the same good meats as Linguica, Chourico (pronounced shoor-reese) has a heartier spiced flavor. Its main difference from Linguica is that it is a hot sausage whereas Linguica is mild. Gaspar’s Chourico is available in mild, regular and extra hot versions and the regular is available as round patties, franks, and ground in addition to the traditional sausage shape!
TURKEY LINGUICA & CHOURICO: For those looking for a low fat option without sacrificing the classic flavor, Gaspar’s also makes Turkey Linguica & Chourico. containing low fat turkey meat instead of pork!
ANDOUILLE, KIELBASA, SALPICAO & MORE: Gaspar’s is more than just Linguica and Chourico. we make some other great sausage products as well! Our other offerings include Andouille, Kielbasa, Salpicao, Chourizos and Morcela. (available seasonally) 
GIFT PACKS: If you are looking to try a variety of our products or would like to send a great gift to a friend or relative please take a look at our pre-selected gift packs combining the most popular varieties of products! (Available ONLINE only)

384 Faunce Corner Road,
North Dartmouth, MA    02747-1257

Order products online at

Phone: 1-800-542-2038

Here’s a favorite “Flaming Chourica” Recipe just in time for the Holidays!

Chouriço Bombeiro

This appetizer creates a memorable cooking experience for your guests. The flaming chouriço creates a crispy browned skin and savory flavor. Chourico sausage is cured so don’t worry if think you haven’t cooked it long enough. Chourico sausage is cured so don’t worry if think you haven’t cooked it long enough. Serve with fresh crusty bread.

Recipe Ingredients:

1    Whole Linquica or Chourica Sausage

2 – 4 oz Whole grain – Alcohol (Preferably Portuguese)

1 Cooking Vessel – Assa Chourica Cookware

Long fireplace matches


Wash and dry the Chourica with paper towels. Place 2 oz of Alcohol in the bottom of the dish.

Make a few cuts into the top of the Chourica and place on cooking dish.

Light a match and slowly light the alcohol.

Let the flames cook the Chourica until crispy. *Caution* Do not touch flames

Turn the Chourica over to cook the other side if desired.

If the flames die out before the Chourica is cooked, start the process over!

Remove the Chourica onto a serving plate and serve in slices.

Serve with Portuguese bread such as Papo Seco, Caseiro, or Milho!


Flaming chourico image credit:











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  1. Dora Costa says:

    I can’t wait to try this and I want to try the turkey linguica!

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    yum linguica…yummier, flaming linguica!

  3. Catia Sousa says:

    Please enter me these would be a great gift!

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    Ohhh I love this, especially with some pimenta moida and cheese!

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    I would love to win this!!

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    I would love to win this! I order chourico bombero whenever I go out plus Dec. 15 is my birthday!

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    Ive tried your sponge cake awesome love your recipes.

  9. Ana says:

    just bought some Gaspars chourico at Publix here in South Miami – yay – so happy they continue having it.

  10. vickie says:

    Nothing is better than homemade chourico

  11. Alicia says:

    Awesome! I’m going home to the US soon after living for a while in Portugal.. Would love to win this rather than buying one here and weigh down my bags! )

  12. John Raposo says:

    I would love to win this, and more importantly, make the Chourico Bombeiro at home. My kids would love it.

  13. Jessica bennett says:

    Some of my best memories are my family surrounded at the table with kale soup filed with gaspar’s linguica! I would love to try this! Merry christmas!

  14. Maxine Gracia DelMastro says:

    My fathers side of the family is Portuguese…all 16 of them. So many memories of family and food. My grandmother taught my Mom to cook Portuguese and Mom taught me. I published my own cookbook for family which includes many Portuguese dishes. My daughter will be teaching her daughters. Unfortunately most of the family has passed but we do have the many, many meals.

  15. julie cook says:

    Linguica, the yummy goodness of my childhood, my Vovo was the best cook!!! I would LOVE the Chourico Bombero!!!

  16. Coleen Cornell says:

    What a great idea. Was born and raised in Sacramento California. I currently live in Hawaii. The Portuguese Sausage that is available in just not quite right. The locals think it’s the best but I know better. Gaspar’s can you send some good linguist my way!!!!!!LOL

  17. Miguel Graca says:

    Hi everyone!
    I’m Portuguese and I searching for my family.
    I find this name Maxine Gracia DelMastro in and i’m looking for this person. I think i have related with her.
    She wrote one comment in this page. If anyone know her, please contact me.

    Maxine your last name is a variant of my family name. If you read this, please contact me.

    Miguel Graca

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