A Soup Lesson; Caldo Verde is Not Kale Soup

Today we’re having a culinary lesson; , “Caldo Verde” is probably the most loved and well known soup in the country of Portugal.

 Caldo Verde - Collard Green Soup Classic Caldo Verde Soup

Caldo Verde, meaning (Green Soup) originated in the northern Minho region of Portugal and is made with basic ingredients of potato and onion puree, chifanaude collard greens and enhanced with the smoky flavor of chourico sausage.

chopped kale

You may find many variations of Caldo Verde on restaurant menus, but now you know what the authentic “Caldo Verde Soup” should look and taste like. Find my Caldo Verde recipe here.

Sometimes Caldo Verde is mistaken for another classic known as “Portuguese Kale Soup” which is very popular in the United States.

Kale Soup Portuguese Kale Soup

The Kale version, uses cubed potatoes, chopped chourico , tomatoes, and chopped Kale, and it looks nothing like Caldo Verde.


Find my Kale Soup recipe here.

There are many variations of both soups where various beans, meats or even pasta is added to the recipes.

No matter what name,  these soups are both delicious, so go ahead and enjoy them!

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