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Pote-da-Gula-logo-website-rougePortugal has the most protected products in Europe, identifying a variety of excellence
in food products in terms of taste, authenticity and genuineness, with characteristics having roots in the areas of origin throughout Portugal.

Decades ago, in a small village of  Aldeia de Mogege, in Portugal, my cousin Vanessa Oliveira Freitas Toscano de Melo attended primary school. There, she developed fond memories of helping her grandparents on their farm, the traditions, and the land. She would often help by bringing the cows to the pasture, picking the weeds from the strawberries bushes and gathering the eggs from the chicken coop. To this day, the aromas and tastes of the foods she often cooked her great-grandmother Adília’s kitchen remain with her.

This is where the young Vanessa developed her love for Portugal, its food and it’s traditions. Through the years, this love instilled a passion for preserving and sharing the flavors, the artisan products, the foods and the tastes of Portugal. This July, 2017 Vanessa, now a mother of 3,  turned her passion into creating her gift basket company called Pote da Gula made with wonderful artisan and handmade products and food products such as pure olive oil, smoked meats, cheeses, jams, wine and other delicacies made in Portugal!

Pote da Gula are personalized baskets made with agrarian and artisan products, and traditional foods, specifically chosen by experts. They are also filled with memories, happiness and a return to the utilization process not just a commercial venture.

“O Pote da Gula serão cabazes personalizáveis que agregarão produtos tradicionais cuidadosamente selecionados por quem sabe. Comida e artesanato. Será também um lugar de memória, de felicidade e de regresso para os seus utilizadores, não apenas um projecto comercial.” Vanessa

Congratulations on your new business Vanessa! We wish you much success and we thank you for preserving and sharing Portuguese tradition around the world!

We Here’s just a few examples of beautiful baskets she has created!

pote da gula basket 5

pote da gula basket 3


Pote da gula basket 2 Pote da Gula basketArtisan products


pote da gula 9

pote de gula gift basket 7Fado Singer Art

  pote da gula 10Artisan Cheese

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