Romeo and Juliet Sandwich

cheese and marmelade The Romeo and Juliet – Cheese and Marmelade Sandwich

The love story of the perfect couple; Romeo and Juliet, inspired the name for this perfect sandwich combination of tangy Sao Jorge cheese from the Azores, Portugal and sweet Quince Marmelada.

However, feel free to use any of your favorite sharp cheese if you can’t get the Sao Jorge type.

sao jorge cheese

The true Portuguese love story of Ines de Castro and King Pedro happened long before Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet but it is said, that this story of love – tragedy – and of a haunting, may have been Shakespeare’s inspiration.

Prince Pedro, the son of King Afonso IV was the heir to the Portuguese throne.  When he was 19 his father had him marry Constança of Castile (Spain) in order to build an alliance in 1340.

Ines de Castro,a daughter of a nobleman from Castile, was a lady-in-waiting to the Princess Constance. Ines was a radiant beauty who stole Pedro’s heart and they quickly fell madly in love.

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Recipe for Marmelada – Quince Marmelade

quince fruitIngredients:

4 and ½ pounds Quince

2 and ½ cups sugar

1 cinnamon stick

Water as needed


Wash, peel and remove pits from fruit and cut into chunks. Place fruit in a pan and cover with water. Add cinnamon stick and cook until cooked. Drain and remove cinnamon stick.

Puree with immersion blender until creamy. In the same pan, add sugar and cook on medium heat stirring often until a clear line forms in the center of pan with a wooden spoon.

Cool and place in plastic containers. Store up to 3 months in refrigerator.



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