DIY Hanging Fairy Garden

enchanted forest baby shower fairy gardenNow that planing season is here, this is a fun project for you or to make with your kids. It make the imagination go wild and brings out your creativity. I used a hanging planter, but you can use any pot you have on hand.

I found most of the supplies at Christmas Tree Shops, Michael’s Craft store and Hobby lobby and use some succulent plants from my garden. Enjoy it and Happy Summer! 🙂

Fairy Garden:

1 hanging planter or any of your choice

potting soil

small rocks

blue rocks or gems for water

multi color rocks

1 small package of moss

Fairy house



live succulents

extra pot liner

plastic bags

pop sickle sticks



Fill the pot half up with some filler such as plastic bags or extra pot liner. Cut a piece of cardboard to fit the inside of pot. Poke holes in the cardboard for water to seep through and place into pot. Spread dirt evenly on the cardboard. Place stones around the edges followed by the pieces of moss. Add succulents as desired.

DSC06439Begin assembling the garden by adding the fairy house first. Then make the brook by placing pop sickle sticks as base of the water so the stones don’t sink into the dirt.   DSC06444 DSC06445 Make a path from the house by making a walkway with more sticks followed by the small rocks. Add more succulents and arrange fairies.

DSC06447 DSC06448  DSC06450 DSC06451   It’s tea time in the garden.

DSC06454 DSC06455 DSC06453