Baked Octopus with Potatoes – Polvo Assado com Batatas



Baked Octopus is a must have at Christmas Eve at my home. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of cooking octopus because it’s relatively easy to prepare.

Serves 2-4


2 -3 pounds of octopus

1 large onion

1 large onion (chopped)

2 pounds of small round potatoes (washed and dry)

1 large red bell pepper (chopped)

3 cloves garlic (chopped)

½ cup of olive oil

¼ cup of olive oil

1 tablespoon white vinegar

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon pepper

1 bay leaf

Parsley for garnish

Olive oil and vinegar for garnish

1 bunch of Broccoli Rabe


If our octopus is frozen, let thaw overnight in the refrigerator in a big bowl. It has a lot of water, so have a bowl big enough to hold the water. 

1. Bring enough water in large pan to a boil with 1 large onion. When ready to cook, rinse the octopus with very cold water and remove the beak. You can just cut the head off and discard it. I use the head by chopping into little pieces and use it in omelets, rice, seafood dishes or as a salad.

2. Grab the octopus by the head and dip the tentacles slightly into the boiling water, remove and dip again in the water 2 more times.

3. Put the octopus into the boiling water and let cook on medium heat for 30 minutes or longer until the octopus is tender. (test by cutting a little piece off the tentacle)

      Note: You don’t want to over cook since it will be too mushy.

4. Meanwhile, place the potatoes in a deep baking dish and season with salt and pepper to taste. Top with ½ of the raw chopped onion and ½ cup olive oil and cook at 400 F for about 30 minutes shaking the pan once in a while.

5. Saute remaining chopped onion, red pepper, garlic, and bay leaf in ¼ cup olive oil for about 2 minutes. Add the vinegar and cook for a minute. Set aside.

6. When octopus is cooked, drain and place in the pan with the potatoes and cover with pan juices. Add the cooked onions. Cook at 350 degrees F until the potatoes are fully cooked and the  flavors are well incorporated.

To serve, cut the tentacles into serving portions of about 1 or 2 to each person. Serve with the potatoes, onions and peppers. Garnish with parsley, olive oil and vinegar if desired.

Broccoli Rabe: Rinse, cut off thick stems and cook in boiling salted water for at least 8-10 minutes until tender. Drain and serve with more chopped onions garlic and olive oil. Serve over the octopus or on the side.

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  1. Deeanna Franklin says:

    My husband made this dinner this evening – with small octopi – and it was delicious. Thanks for such a tasty recipe.

  2. Zé Maria says:

    UAUUU!!! Adorei não só pelas belas receitas, mas também pela simpática a presentação…
    Será que tais receitas podiam ser aplicadas no meu site?
    Adoraria que desse um vista de olhos no meu site!
    Uma boa continuação de receitas esplêndidas…

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