How to roast “Castanhas” – Chestnuts


Chestnuts correia farm

How to roast chestnuts:

1. Using sharp knife, make an incision about 1/8-inch deep through the top of chestnut.

Chestnuts correia farm

2. After slitting place the chestnuts on roasting pan and roast them 400  degrees for about 20 – 30  minutes. To check for doneness, squeeze one holding a dish towel and it should be soft.

Note: Optional – Portuguese custom is to sprinkle the chestnuts with salt before roasting for a salty kick.
 3. Place a damp towel over the chestnuts to retain the heat and moisture. While they are still hot and cool enough to handle squeeze them gently with a towel to peel the shell and then remove the inner skin.



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