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Click here to watch full video: Source: Notícias do Meu País – Episódio 9 – RTP Play – RTP
Hi everyone. Here is the full length video of my episode which aired around the world on RTP!
I hope you enjoy it as much as my family and I did. This was an experience of a lifetime for our family which we will never forget. It brought back sweet memories of Portugal, it connected us to our relatives and it inspired me to keep cooking Portuguese recipes to keep our beautiful traditions, culture and cuisine alive for the next generations.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Notícias do Meu País, RTP TV, the host, Tiago Góes Ferreira, and the film crew; Director, Miguel Costa E Moura, Production Assistant, Rita Batista, and Cameraman, Marcel Reis, for making my dreams come true!

Heartfelt thanks to my family both here, in America and in Portugal for their love and support.

A special thank you to Chef Justa Nobre for her wonderful words of inspiration and encouragement!

Me and the film crew in Ludlow

Me and Tiago

At Randall’s Farm in Ludlow

Sharing memories from Portugal

At Randall’s Farm


Our family says goodbye!

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