My cookbook; Taste Portugal in the Luso – Americano Portuguese Newpaper

Thank you to Maria do Carmo Pereira and the Luso Americano Portuguese newspaper in USA,  for featuring  my new cookbook in today’s issue!

“Luso – Americano” was founded in 1928 in Newark, New Jersey by a group Portuguese people including; Dr. J. Lobo, Dr. M. Conceição Junior, Manuel Castro and Valentim Rocha.

Currently, the “Luso – Americano is the only source of information written in the Portuguese language with circulation in the Portuguese and Brazilian communities in the United States.


Be sure to pick up a print copy of the newspaper, or click on the link below, for their online edition.

LusoAmericano – De aprendiz de cozinheira a blogger e autora, Maria Dias planeia já o segundo livro de culinária. By Maria do Carmo Pereira

Visit the Luso Americano Book Store to purchase a copy of my book!

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Luso-Americano Newspaper
88 Ferry Street
Newark, NJ 07105

Telephone: (973) 589-4600
FAX: (973) 589-3848
66 Union Street
Newark, NJ 07105

Telefone: (973) 344-3200
FAX: (973) 344-4201



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