3 Meal Muffin – Bolos Levedos – Portuguese Muffins

Here are five delicious sandwiches made with my favorite 3 Meal Muffins/Portuguese muffins/Bolos Levedos!

Visit their website at 3mealmuffin.com to order and to find out where you can find them at your local store.

Chicken Mozambique, Bacon Burger with Egg and Cheese, Avacado Toast with Bacon and Egg, Chourico and Egg omelet with Cheese and a Goat Cheese, Fig Jam and Walnut Panini! They’re all delicious any time of day!

Watch the video below for how to make them!

Chicken Mozambique Sandwich

Chourico and Egg with Cheese

Avacado with Bacon and Egg Toast

Bacon Cheeseburger with Egg and Cheese

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